Well, the site is finally in a state to go live with something other than a holding page. The design is so-so, and there’s a couple of screwy email links, but I’ve no motivation to sort it out! I thought I might try my hand at this blogging business - it can’t hurt.

After I got the site mostly down this morning, I spent the afternoon helping a friend of ours move house. Gillian was moving into the wee house she’ll be sharing with her fiance after they get married at Easter. It’s a pretty cool house, and certainly more than enough to make a flat-dweller like me a bit jealous. My wife will tell you that I’m not the most committed to keeping our flat clean and tidy (!), but I found myself helping Gillian clean the kitchen and the bathroom - it’s amazing how much there is needs looked at in a new place!

It might warm me up for Tuesday, when I’ll be spending the entire day knocking on people’s doors offering to do their dishes or their hoovering. What fun. The things I do for college…

Which may in turn get me in the form to do something about the shocking state of our flat. When my better half goes away it kinda goes down the tube, and she’s only been gone a fortnight! Need to get some discipline, here. That’s a familiar story!