A busy week has just gone by, with a lot to mull over.

Most recently, last night I was at a discussion group after church on the topic “Worship…?”, which was a lot of fun. It was a keen reminder that you don’t have to get too many Christians in a room to get loads of major disagreement on what you might expect to be a fairly simple, un-controversial thing. I may have been a bit liberal with the big wooden spoon, but there’s nothing like a quick stir! And actually, the chat was very interesting and mind-stretching - it’s great to be able to disagree amicably and have our own thoughts and views tested and tried and studied under the microscope. It’d be really dull if we all thought exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

I’ve also enjoyed a couple of movies lately, and there’s been one I haven’t enjoyed at all. I watched the Aliens special edition and was reminded just how fab it was (and it was made in the 1980s!), relived the innocent pleasure of A Knight’s Tale, and was thoroughly disgusted by another movie I won’t name: I’m pretty easy about what I’ll watch and enjoy, but for the first time in my life I turned a film off after half an hour on the grounds of “I just don’t want to watch this stuff…” Shame Blockbu$ter don’t see it as grounds for a refund. Oh, well…