Seen a couple of flicks this week. Two Weeks Notice is the usual formulaic rom-com affair, but Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are both pretty entertaining in it. Of course, there’s that typical Hollywood bit where they realise they love each other (aaawww!) and the next thing is a strong hint at going and jumping into bed…

Daredevil is nothing particularly special - it’s no Spiderman - but very entertaining. Ben Affleck couldn’t act for buttons (although we know he can write) but he does make a suitably dark and conflicted ‘hero’, a nicely pain-filled vigilante. Couple of laugh-out-loud moments, too.

Of course, in the next six months we have a new X-Men flick and the remaining Matrixes (Matrices?), which are closely followed by The Return Of The King. Can’t wait.

I’m still doing a lot of thinking about how we (Christians, and everyone else) engage with the stuff we watch and read for entertainment. Too often the Church condemns without listening and without looking for any inherent value to what is being said. That’s something my English Lit. GCSE taught me: most entertainmaent says a lot more than we give it credit for, if only we’d listen. Even those things that don’t necessarily intend to make a big statement give lots of hints at underlying values and attitudes, from which we can in turn learn heaps about society and life.

Expect an essay or three soon, after I stop fooling around with PHP to try and get some dynamic stuff on here!