And he’s back…

A busy spell at college past, and a short, sharp tour of (some of) East Africa under my belt.

Yeah, check it out. A week spent flitting around various parts of Kenya and Uganda, picking up my wife and her friend at the end of their elective. Even in only a week it as a fairly mind-expanding experience, and I’ll make another promise of an upcoming post to the Writings section: my thoughts on my trip, the things I saw and the people I met, and a preview of all the processing I’ll be doing for a long time to come. And it may even include some nice photos of African animals (elephant and buffalo and such!).

In the meantime I’m dealing with a keyboard that keeps dropping characters in the most frustrating way. Either my typing has massively deteriorated in the last month, or the ‘puter’s on the fritz again. We all know which is more likely ;-) And I have plans for attempting to code my own CMS (that’s Content Management System - I think! - for the uninitiate) for the site, not because there’s any need to (Blogger is cool for this bit, and the rest is currently small) but because I’m a coder in need of a project, and I fancy learning PHP and mySQL. Also, it’ll be a nice warm up for a system to hold the St. Cath’s magazine online.

I’m telling you, I wish I had the time to follow through on all these funky ideas.