It’s 11:06pm. Do you want to hear something very frightening? According to the connection timer on my computer, I’ve been sitting at this keyboard for [checks timer] 8 hours and 16 minutes.

You see what happens when my wife goes away?

Now, in fairness, I’ve had a pretty productive time of it. I started off doing some money sums for Holiday Club, then I was doing mega-research for this Scout badge-thing. And I spent hours on that. Then a trio of friends (including Georgina who I haven’t talked to in very nearly three years) trotted past me on MSN, which brings us up to about forty-five minutes ago. Some last reading over stuff and catching up on one or two forums, and we’re here.

My eyes are square, and my behind is numb (no cushions). I think it’s time to turn this infernal machine off and go for a walk. I know that sounds unlikely to those that know me, but desperate times and all that.