Not quite "Little Drummer Boy"

Last Thursday night was the start of the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, and we went along. The whole pipe-and-drum band thing isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it was fun. Various military bands, a motorcycle display team and a couple of other bits and pieces - it was something of a spectacle.

The show was stolen by the Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland (check out a bit about them). I know, the name is pretty naff, but… these boys were spectacular. They came on and formed up, and I noticed that they only had drums, and no other instruments. At that point I had a strong suspicion that this was going to be good. I’m deliberately not gushing to much here, but I mean, WOW. Tighter-than-tight drumming, stick throws, nice choreography, comedy touches, technical brilliance. I would pay the ticket price for the Tattoo just to see these guys for ten minutes. I’m actually genuinely bothered that I probably won’t ever see their display again. That good.

And they easily got the most enthusiastic response from the crowd all night.