From the LICC mailing:

"David Blaine is now over halfway through his 44-day isolation in a perspex box suspended above the river Thames. He has consumed nothing but water since 5th September. According to his website he is 'motivated by the possibility of pushing our perceived boundaries.' 'It’ll be triumphant for a human being to survive this,' he has said. But human beings already have. The effects of starvation and isolation are well-documented. Nothing Blaine endures will advance medical knowledge. He is not fasting to listen to God or protesting against injustice. His ‘performance’ seems without a purpose, art for art’s sake. The various advertisements on his official, Channel 4-hosted website –McDonalds, Ford, BT, Mastercard, O2, Hyundai – suggest there might, perhaps, be some other motivation. If and when Blaine completes his ordeal he will be thinner, weaker and richer. The media circus will dismantle and the crowds will drift away. We can only hope that some seed of interest in the loneliness and hunger millions endure every day will have been planted in their minds, if not by the showman, then by the person beneath him parading the placard which read, 'A fool chooses to starve himself and we choose to watch. One billion people have no choice and we ignore them.'"