Japan at the movies.

The Last Samurai was the second Japan-set film I saw in a week. I’ve tried several times to write some comment on Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation, but haven’t managed yet.

I thought almost as much of it as of TLS, but for very different reasons. Nothing much happens in Lost In Translation. It’s almost a two-hour character-study. But it’s… beautiful, I think would be the word. Bill Murray turns in a career-best, and Scarlett Johansson is very nearly as good. It’s bleak and hopeful and tender and laugh-out-loud funny all at once.

There’s two bandwagons out there waiting to be jumped on: the ‘Lost In Translation is the best movie ever ever EVER!’ faction, and the strong and vocal backlash. I would fit in with the former, were I in the mood to jump.

Was perfect for a late-Friday-night after a very hectic evening at youth club.