We went along to an acoustic gig at Beanscene last Thursday night (18/3/04). I had been wondering what it would be like as a live music venue - it’s a tiny wee cafe-type affair with not a lot of space. Wasn’t bad, actually. Bags of atmosphere and really intimate. It didn’t take much of a crowd to fill the place.

As for the music, it was a local act called Rieser (their website may or may not be working for you - it’s a work in progress) who tell me they’ve been together about four years. Although they are (reportedly) more of a rocky outfit, their music translated really well to the pared down, sans drummer acoustic style called for by the venue. The guitars all worked really well together, and Chris’s vocal is pretty much perfect for the songs they’re singing. Stand out track was probably the closer, Love You And Leave You; I can certainly imagine it as an encore in a much bigger venue of the kind these guys are bound to be playing sometime soon. If you get a chance to check them out, I can thoroughly recommend it, and their EP is certainly worth the three quid, too.

Some images (which, again, link to much bigger files if you like them, so if you’re on dial-up watch where you click):