Eight principles to bear in mind when disposing of a bean bag.

  1. Bean bags, consisting largely of volume, are unlikely to fit in your bin in one go.
  2. When opening the bean bag, little polystyrene balls are likely to go everywhere. They flow. Like water. It's very cool.
  3. You are less likely to flood your living room with little polystyrene balls if you don't try to pour from the bean bag into the bin-liner.
  4. If you try to pick up a handful of little polystyrene balls, you won't get very many at once.
  5. Emptying a large bean bag by two pint measures takes a considerable amount of time, but is strangely relaxing.
  6. It is best not to allow the puppy to jump into the hole you have made in the bean bag, at least not while it is still full of little polystyrene balls. It is, however, very amusing.
  7. Having loaded the required number of bin-liners with little polystyrene balls, and tied them off, it is imperative that the puppy doesn't get near them. Her claws are likely more durable than the bin-liners.
  8. Vacuuming up the escaped little polystyrene balls is quite enjoyable, as they are light and can be sucked up from a considerable distance away.

What a Dyson looks like, after an encounter with the little polystyrene ball fairy.