This is my fourth summer in Edinburgh, and it’s still earlier on in the month of August than I’d normally manage my typical one show per year in the festival.

I remember many (something like six or seven, actually) years ago spotting this guy on a BBC show in Northern Ireland - might have been The Empire Laughs Back, but I’m honestly not sure - and would you believe I can still remember one of his gags from then? Something about the Irishman’s tendency to be proud of getting things cheap: “Bargain.” He’s popped up at the festival a couple of times in the last few years, and I’ve meant to go along but never managed it until Friday night.

His comedy is of a very gentle, observational variety, unusually (mostly) family-friendly for a modern stand-up - which is good, as it meant my wife relaxed and enjoyed the show, as well. And I can honestly say I haven’t laughed so hard for a full hour in years. The style actually puts me in mind more than a little of Eddie Izzard. Which also reminds me of something else:

During Eddie Izzard’s Circle tour, somebody wrote in to Watchdog complaining that they’d been at the end of his previous tour and the start of the new one, and the routine was almost identical and isn’t this a disgrace. (Izzard responded that he develops his routine during the tour, letting it eveolve from where the last one left off. But that’s by the by.) I’ve read a number of comments on the Fringe website and in other reviews that Jimeoin’s show is largely similar to the last one, but I wouldn’t know since this is the first one I’ve seen. But, it left me wondering: how come, if we go to see a band, we moan if we don’t know the songs, but if it’s a stand-up we complain about hearing old favourites? Just a thought…

Anyway, Jimeoin comes strongly recommended by me. So there you go.