The last resort of the bored blogger: some phrases typed into search engines that have turned up this site since the summer:<ul>

  • "pain in the backside"
  • "david blaine tattoo"
  • "squid wrong address long time"
  • "what-is stereotypically british"
  • "arsehole depp" (This one may be my favourite.)
  • "ock theologian" (Actually, maybe this one. The mind boggles.)
  • "dress sense" (I'm flattered.)
  • "operation mobilisation mafia"
  • "blow up warthogs" (I really hope it's a Halo thing. Really.)
  • "wachowski contact details" (You know, I'll need to check with them. They don't like me giving it out to just anyone.)
  • "bouncycastle timestamp cms" (Uh-huh.)
  • </ul> There were actually a bunch more that made me laugh, but since we're a family website I can't really say what they were. Of course, you are free to stick any of the above phrases into Google, but please be aware that I can take no responsibility for what you find there. I think we've demonstrated that on the InterWeb you never where your search terms might take you! (And if you've hit this post by searching on any of those strange phrases, sorry for dragging you away from the real long-missing squid.)