Today is the 2nd of February, which means that this blog (or rather, my blog in it’s different forms since then) is two years and one day old. I don’t see it as particularly significant, and wasn’t really looking out for it - hence the two-years-and-a-day as opposed to two-years), but I glanced at the sidebar and noticed that the archives began in February 2003, so had a look to see when the first post was. So there you go.

On a different note, it’s a beautiful day outside, the kind on which I feel the almost inescapable urge to go outside and find somewhere to take photographs. Really gorgeous.

But I’ve got to escape that urge, as I have today finally succumbed to the voice of the nasty not-a-‘flu-but-it’s-really-got-to-be-more-than-a-cold-to-do-this-to-me and am not going out. To do so may have dire consequences. So I sit here in bed, with the dog on the floor beside me, putting the flat wifi to its intended use, letting my fingers say whatever they feel like. And looking out the window at the fabness.