Don't Panic.

Well, I just know this could be an unpopular post :-)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - it’s not a half-bad film, actually.

Yes, it’s different. But the game was different to the books were different to the TV show was different to the radio series was different to the new radio series… you get the picture. That’s the way the Guide works. I’m cool with that.

Yes, there’s a silly romance between Arthur and Trillian. Yes, Zaphod’s character is a mere shadow of his former self. I can handle all that.

There’s even a couple of new characters. We’ll live with it, especially since they were reputedly written in by Douglas Adams himself. It’s all good.

The spirit of the Guide is all present and correct. It’s pleasantly surreal, in a slightly cutting way. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. It’s got Marvin in. Both of him :-)

The Heart Of Gold is cute, and suitably white. Bill Nighy is Slartibartfast.

I can even hack the American accents.

There is one problem, however. In the interests of cinema, they’ve added plot.

Not added plots, or sub-plots, you understand.

I mean: this film has a plot. And that’s just wrong.

(As an aside, sitting beside me in the cinema was the first middle-aged female fanboy I’ve ever seen. Seems appropriate.)