All change.

It’s been quiet round here. Let me tell you why.

On Monday I started my new job, as a care worker in a respite unit for adults with learning disabilities.

This means a couple of things:

I’m doing something that is completely different to anything I’ve ever done before, and I’ll be doing some tasks that are quite daunting when you’ve never had to do them before.

I’ll be learning new things.

It’s not a glamourous job at all, but I’ve been realising already since Monday that it’s a very priviliged one to be providing such care and assistance.

It also means that I’m not a youth worker any more. Which is weird. I’ve been a youth worker since I left school, and now I’m not - not in the same way at least. That was also a privilege, to be paid and so heavily supported to spend so much time doing something I love. I’ll still be doing some youth ministry, in a voluntary capacity (already have been - I think I’m insane).

The plan isn’t to stay away from full-time ministry forever (I don’t think I could, even if I wanted to), but rather to take some time outside the bubble while we play with some thoughts for the future.

(I should add - in case anyone’s wondering - that despite the fact I haven’t mentioned it on here this isn’t a recent or sudden development. I let the church know way back around Christmas that when the summer came I wouldn’t be looking to renew my contract, as I think I’ve been hearing a call to other things. That was a tough decision, and a tough time - I love the work I’ve been doing and the people I’ve been doing it with, but that time has now passed. And the decision was made over several months. Like I said, not easy.)

Anyway, as more developments develop, you’ll hear them on here :-)