Nochnoy dozor

Night Watch. It’s very like The Matrix and very different to The Matrix.


  • have folks who live parallel to normal folks, doing their own thing.
  • have a foretold (Great) One.
  • have a long-fought and still-fighting struggle for the fate of humanity in the backstory.
  • have plenty of things that go boom.
  • have a killer soundtrack.
  • do lots of funky visual things.
  • kick off a much-hyped trilogy.

Night Watch is different in that it’s a whole lot more fun. It has a zing to it that the Wachowskis never quite managed.

Actually, the best way to think about it might be as what Underworld wanted to be, but never even came close to a sniff of being.

It’s nice in that it’s a film that expects you to think a little, while also delivering in the style and action departments. Are you getting that I like it?

I just hope that the next two episdoes don’t do a Matrix…