Plug. Plug. Plug.

I’m a member of what (lacking a more precise yet accessible description) I have finally given in to calling an online camera club called Rangefinder Forum. The membership have published a couple of collaborative books of images.

If you’re interested, I have a couple of photographs in the more recent one, available here at It’s a little pricey and has to come from the US as it’s a print-on-demand type thing, but then it is sold at cost rather than at a profit.

And while I’m here, a couple of other places I’d like to lay before you:

The first is my most recent site, at, and the second is the default home for my photography before it makes it here or to - my photostream on Flickr. These days all the photos on this site are hosted at and link back to Flickr, but not everything there makes it here.

I hope you enjoy them.