A Nifty Shoogle.

Well. That took slightly longer than anticipated.

But marramgrass is back on air, with a new look and a whole new back-end. After toying with the idea for months, I’ve made the shift from MovableType (which is an excellent piece of software, don’t get me wrong) to WordPress (which really does seem to be the business, and is on initial impressions much more straightforward to administer).

There are probably still one or two bugs to be worked out in the layout, but I think I’m reasonably happy with the low-key look. I know there’s one or two out there who won’t be slow in telling me what they think of it, too ;-)

Believe it or not, this has been only the smallest part of the upheaval round here, but we’ll come to that in good time. Meanwhile, if anyone has hung around through the weeks of silence: thanks. If not, I hope you’re all coming back.

‘Normal’ service is resumed!