Further changes: The Switch I.

Something strange happened at the MarramHouse yesterday. I, a long-time confirmed Windows user brought an Apple Mac into the house.

Now, if you look for such things the web is full of ‘switcher blogs’ - mainly of interest to people like me who are toying with the idea or are in the early days of going through with it, but probably fairly uninteresting to most other people.

However, when I have spent hours with Google trying to lick a problem and found no really helpful information it can get very frustrating. So, in the interests of getting more useful information out there, here begins the record of my switch!


But you’ll be glad to hear that I had no interest at all in producing the ubiquitous me unpacking my MacBook photoset. Although mine is just like that one :-)

See, I do have some restraint. And my digital camera is in Belfast right now (for reasons that will become clear later).