Bits and bobs and odds and ends.

Have re-written the About page if you want to know a little more about me and what I’m doing here. Still haven’t got round to fixing the layout, though.

Against my better judgement I have taken the dubious step of signing up at MySpace. I object to it in countless ways, but my principles were over-ridden when a mate pointed out its usefulness in networking as I begin to look for musicians back here in NI who won’t mind me photographing them.

Trying to implement Technorati tags around here, but I’m having trouble getting ecto to do it in a way that doesn’t make messy mark-up when passing through WordPress. And if I can’t do it from ecto then I’ll never keep it up.

And I have finally gotten around to trying out as a bookmarking service. For keeping track of bookmarks (without cluttering up your browser) in a useful way that actually lets lets you find stuff again, it is the business. Seriously, it’s the perfect application for tags. Try it.