There’s been a bit of comment floating around about Douglas Coupland’s most recent.

It bothers me (the book, not the comment) because in the past I’ve been quite keen on his novels. Girlfriend In A Coma and Hey, Nostradamus are notable favourites.

Let me republish the comment I left on Michaela’s post above:

As for jPod. It really isn’t very good, is it? When it’s actually advertised as ‘Microserfs for the…’ you know it’ll suck. I enjoyed Microserfs, but not this. Too much knowing, pomo-ironic self-reference. I hate to say this, but he seems more concerned with being Douglas Coupland and living up to his pop-culture prophet rep than writing good books anymore. Hey Nostradamus is the only worthwhile one from recent years. I’ll second the rec on Girlfriend, though. My first Coupland, and still a favourite.

I find myself wondering, if it’s just a little too subtle for me, if the lack of subtlety is the point in itself. Is that what Coupland is trying to say?

And then I think, nah. This one’s just a miss. ‘Microserfs for the Google generation,’ but without the appeal. Being knowing and clever is a major part of what I like about Coupland, but when it’s detached from an interesting or enjoyable novel then it just isn’t enough.

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