"With satellite television you can go anywhere..."

One of the things about moving in with your parents for a while is that you get to enjoy little luxuries that you’d forgotten about. Like TV. We haven’t had broadcast telly for years. (Funny thing: TV, yes, DVD player, yes, Xbox, yes, aerial… no. Which means no TV License - apparently what they look for is a ‘system capable of receiving broadcast signals’, which you need an aerial for. Sweet.)

We never actually missed it. When the rugby was on I would go and visit a friend, but otherwise just lots of DVDs.

But now my parents have satellite. ‘57 channels…’ my backside. Hundreds of the things, and hardly anything worth spending your time on.

Except SG-1. With no TV I’d not discovered it, but now I’m hooked. I remember loving the film when it was out (‘94, I think?), but this is better, actually doing something worthwhile with the universe. Quite thoughtful questions about faith and its outworkings, as well.

There, you like that rationalization, don’t you?


Good TV. Shame I only found it ten years in, but hey, that’s ten years of DVDs to find before I get stuck in the release-date waiting cycle. W00t.

…we will be expecting witty and informative writing everyday for a month…

Heh. Now there’s a laugh.

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