"Top of the world."

I had my first Habitat For Humanity site day last weekend (preparation for a building trip to Malawi next year). In my head as I drove to the site I was thinking, “I wonder what we’ll be doing. There must be a lot of vital stuff like the roof that gets left for people who actually know what they’re doing.”


So I’ve learned how a tiled roof gets put up, and have done some of the putting up. I never thought you’d see me clambering across a roof. At least until my bad knee went pop in the most emphatic way; apparently I went an interested shade of grey. Other than the pain, it was an interesting and satisfying way to spend a day. Apparently it’s the willingness of volunteer labour that allows Habitat to operate in an effective way, otherwise it would be too expensive to build the houses to be useful.

I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t have thought to go on a Habitat build if it hadn’t come up in my (not so) new (anymore) job, but it does us good to do new things - and God keeps throwing up really new ones to me.

By the way, the trip is next July and we have a whole stack of cash to raise. Watch this space.

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