10 Things I Meant To Write A Post About...

… but haven’t got round to yet.

  1. A not-half-bad Tom Cruise film.
  2. More on moving back to Northern Ireland.
  3. A rant about a U2 gig.
  4. Preparing Youth to be Peacemakers.
  5. Yet more on moving back to Northern Ireland.
  6. Why I've gone from reading upwards of 150 books a year to reading perhaps three in the last six months.
  7. Visiting Cambridge (and Christmas shopping).
  8. A few more plugs/reviews/whatever for sites linked over there in the sidebar.
  9. Some stuff that I've been up to with the new job.
  10. Good music, and lots of it.

A few of those are from quite some time ago (Christmas shopping?!) and a few are bang up to date. Stay tuned.

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