The table quiz was a most excellent success - thanks to those who came along and took part. We raised a sizable pile of cash towards our total, and much good fun was had. Although I may have to join those asking a few questions about the question master’s geographical skills…

The past weekend was thoroughly hectic, and that kind of continued into today despite me having a fairly low-key one planned. The next couple of days should be spent working on the house and getting bits and bobs on the computer done - lots of writing waiting to be approached, some of it pretty urgently. None of it on here, but that needs continued too: NaBloPoMo is proving to be quite enjoyable in terms of making me write, although I should offer my apologies for some of the drivel and linkdump as an excuse for posting.

(Just overheard on the TV on in the background: “Are you telling me you’re attracted to a disembodied set of eyeballs?” I’m sure I can come up with a [very] small prize to the first person to leave a comment correctly placing the quote.)

Then I’ll be running pretty quickly downhill into another insane weekend. Welcome to my world!

NaBloPoMo participant