10 things…, number 2 could fall under this one, I guess.

A few days ago I finally got a phone line and broadband internet access in my office at work. (Whee! I have an office!) Slight point of contention is that while I have broadband, the main church office and the manse both get by on dial-up for now. One of my current projects (albeit a very-much background one) is to figure out the best (ie, cheapest) way to distribute the connection to the other two sites.

Anyway, this is good for all sorts of reasons, not least that it makes doing actual work from my office a viable proposition. But also (and here’s where 10.2 comes into it) it means I have access to internet radio when I’m there. Which means BBC Radio Scotland is back in my ears.

I like the BBC. I love the BBC, actually. Fairly obvious biases aside, as public broadcasting goes it’s a stormer, especially the various radio services. (Well, with the possible exception of Radio 1 and their three-song playlist. And Chris Moyles. Oh my goodness, there’s a man who should not be on the radio, not to mention most of the rest of them. I miss John Peel.)

And Radio Ulster isn’t half-bad. There’s the morning talk shock jock who would be better if he had even some subtlety, but he’s still quite entertaining. Lunchtime debate. Some decent music shows.

But it just isn’t a patch on Radio Scotland, with it’s much higher standard of much more interesting programming. I miss having it on in the car. When we were in Scotland, especially on the drive north and east from Stranraer, the weather would occasionally allow us to catch a little bit of Radio Ulster, but unfortunately the opposite is never true. The only way for me to catch Radio Scotland over here is the internet, and that doesn’t work in the car.

But at least now I can get it sometimes. I can recommend having a listen in: BBC Radio Scotland.

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