Job ‘security'.

I don’t know how much you’ve heard about the current mix-up (I say ‘mix-up’ - I’ve heard the words ‘chaos’, and especially ‘debacle’, so many times now they’ve lost their meaning to me) with recruitment for junior doctor posts in the NHS. It’s close to us because my wife is right in the middle of all the uncertainty, but I’ve only really seen a few brief references in the news, mostly short on the detail.

But last night Channel 4 News got full-on with the Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt. I don’t know how long they keep the article on their website for, but I think the video is only there for a week. If, after that, you want to see it, drop me an email and I may know how to get it in front of you… ;-)

UPDATE:  An enterprising individual has stuck the interview up on YouTube.