"Can't get no... sleep."

Why is it that when getting to sleep is quite imperative, that’s when you can’t?

(Background: ever since I was about 9, I’ve had recurring bouts of insomnia. I’ll regularly have spells of a week or two to a month or so where I sleep very little verging on not at all — at these times a lot of reading gets done. It’s a trait I share with my father and my brother. You get used to it.)

This morning my alarm went off at 0430, as I had to drive my sister-in-law to Dublin airport (about a 180 mile round-trip — I was back in time for breakfast).

But of course, when I got into bed last night, I lay awake until sometime after 1 a.m. Typical, and I knew it would happen. Any time I have to get up earlier than normal, it happens, sure as anything. Probably because I tell myself it’ll happen, I know.

At that time of the morning, it was quite a pleasant drive.

While I’m here, I think I’ll be adding another link to the sidebar, on top of the recent flurry of activity there. Monochromatic Outlook is the very readable and rather eclectic blog of a guy in (I think) San Francisco.