Over the weekend, I was chatting idly with a pal. I stuck Radiohead’s OK Computer on the stereo and remarked that it’s now ten years since it was released. Time flies, etc. I remember well when “Paranoid Android” was debuted on Jools Holland’s TV show. It was awesome.

The pal (Peet, I should have said) remarked that that also makes it ten years since U2’s Pop. We agreed quickly that if we were to name the best five albums of the last ten years, those two would feature. It was the other three that stumped us. It’s maybe not quite so hard if we widen the temporal net a little to take in the early Nineties, but it’s more fun to keep it challenging.

So I propose we try something. While I try and populate the rest of the list, I’d like to hear nominations for the best five albums from the period 1997-2007. Give us your top five, with reasons if you can.

If you have a blog, here’s an idea for a post. In fact, I’d especially like to hear the thoughts of Elaine, Michaela, Debs, Alan and Charlie. Pass it on if you’re so inclined. If I haven’t mentioned you specifically, please forgive me and participate anyway - these were a (fairly) random(-ish) selection. If you don’t have a blog, hit the comments below.

Let’s see what we come up with.