Tuesday Tunes: White Collar Boy.

A short series of shorter posts for Tuesdays in July, on songs I love with lyrics that never fail to make me smile.

The Life Pursuit“White Collar Boy” is the third track from Belle & Sebastian’s album, The Life Pursuit. The whole album is rather more accessible than some of their earlier music, and this track is pretty close to being the perfectly formed pop song.

The sound puts me in mind of somewhere between the Small Faces and the Kinks, distinctly British, cheerful but with depth. It also contains one of my favourite lyrics of recent years:

You were chained to a girl that would kill you with a look.
It's a nice way to die, she's so easy on the eye.

Gets me every time :D

Belle & Sebastian have always had the reputation of an intelligent, witty band. This keeps it going for me.