Print your own diary.

I apologise now for the very specific geekery of this post. You all know what I’m like.

I have trouble with diaries. I’ve tried going digital with PDAs and things a few times, but keep coming back to paper for all sorts of reasons.

My problem is that I’m really picky about it. The layout, the quality of the thing - I tend to make them fall apart. In order to find one that suits, I’ve bought three this year, and none of them is perfect.

So, having stumbled across a website called (seriously, is there anything anyone can think of that isn’t on the interweb somewhere already?), I’ve decided that if I’m going to be so awkward about it, I may as well put together my own.

And having time on my hands on account of being in the throes of a job-hunt, I went ahead…

And here’s the result. What I like is to have the week on the left-hand page, faced by a plain lined page for notes/lists/whatever.

Thumbnaail of my diary page

The ‘legal’ bit: These are by me, Mark Goody, enabled by the DIY Planner Widget Kit v0.6 by Doug Johnson of, and they are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

The ‘how’: To use them you’ll need PDF reader software, like Acrobat Reader or Mac OS X Preview. The PDFs contain an about page for reference, a generic lined page you can use for notes layed out for right-hand (odd) pages - or you can print in anything you like from elsewhere. The rest of each file contains a series of dated, week-to-page left-handed pages to face your notes/to-dos/whatever.

Select the page-range of the weekly pages and print them to your evens. Flip ‘em however your printer needs, and print your choice of odd pages. Easy.

In two sizes (A5 and half-US Letter), we have files for the rest of 2007 (July-December):

And files for 2008:

Plus simple right-handed notes pages (line and gridded):

And finally a zip of the original 2 Draw files, for your tinkering joy:

If you find these useful, please let me know by leaving a comment, or by email to blog AT marramgrass DOT org DOT uk. Cheers.

UPDATE 6/07/2007: Added seperate PDFs with options for the ‘Notes’ pages.

UPDATE 31/8/2007: Added zip of Oo.o source files as per request.

UPDATE 14/11/2008: The 2009 edition is now available.