Tuesday Tunes: I Was A Kid In The Seventies.

A short series of shorter posts for Tuesdays in July, on songs I love with lyrics that never fail to make me smile.

I wasn’t, actually. I wasn’t born until 1980. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love the song for its humour and nostalgia. And the accent :D

I’ve been listening to Brian Houston since a couple of Cool FM (local Belfast radio) DJs were giving Jesus Again stacks of airplay. If I had to guess when that was, I might have been 12, I might have been 14. I really can’t remember. I don’t have all the albums, but certainly most of them, and in the last decade (since he played a short residency at Auntie Annie’s that was an excellent relief from A-levels) he’s been pretty prolific. It’s also been the last decade in which he’s gone a little country. Let’s call it ‘East Belfast country’.

I haven’t picked any specific lyrics out of this track off thirteen days in August, because they’re great as a whole.

Tell you what, if you do the iTunes thing then go and get the song from there. It’s more than worth the 79p. Come on, would I do you wrong?