I’ve been looking for a new job for a while, and after a few interviews (all pleasant and enjoyable - I’m a weirdo who enjoys such things) I started my new job on Wednesday just past.

My wife started her new job on the same day. Fun week ;)

So I’m not employed to directly do youth work any more, although I continue to volunteer in that way. I now work for a network of community work projects in a volunteer development role. One of the emphases is to help volunteers reflect on their experience, and particularly on how their experience of community work interacts with their faith and their understanding of God and of the world. By the by, I’ll be hoping to do some recruitment of volunteers in to the projects as well.

You could say it’s right up my street.

It’s been a rocky road getting here, and I think the time is coming for me to write and post a bit on the experience of the last six months. Maybe not this week (all the spare brain cycles are going on trying to get my head round the new job), but soon nonetheless.