I don’t know how I stumbled across this blog post at, but I did. Two thoughts jump out at me from it. The first is a bit of a no-brainer:

I started attending a Presbyterian church regularly in high school. In that time I’ve been a part of seven Presbyterian churches and their worship services were all basically the same. Seven congregations, in different parts of the country, over a span of twenty years. Think of how much has changed in twenty years in terms of how we communicate and interact. Think of how little worship has changed. This is why I am here. The gospel doesn’t change but how we communicate it needs to.

The second is interesting to me in light of the community work-focussed new job that I’m enjoying so much:

The other reason I’m here is because I’m trying to figure out why progressive Christians don’t want to talk about Jesus, and how to change that. We’re all into love your enemy, care for the poor, stop AIDS, and give peace a chance. But to hear how little some progressive Christians talk about Jesus, it makes me wonder why the bother with the church? If being a Christian is simply about joining the right causes then I want to drop out of the church and just join the causes, because it’d make things a lot easier.