Print your own leave tracker.

As I seem to be suddenly on a form-designing kick (it’s sad, oh so very sad), my wife asked me if I could throw something together that she could use to keep track of her time off from work. Her requirements were reasonably precise: days of the week, a month in a line, easily-readable dates and little boxes that had room for explanatory symbols to be marked in.

I came up with something that has satisfied her, and I’m actually finding it quite useful myself. As it stands, there is a key to be filled in with slots for annual leave, statutory holidays, days in lieu of stat. days (we both do jobs where that happens easily) and sick days, plus four dotted lines to add other things that come to mind.

So, as with the other forms I’ve done lately, these are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. The font is BlueHighway from the DIY Planner Widget Kit (it is otherwise available, but that’s where I installed it from).

Here are the downloads as A4 PDF files for 2007 and 2008:

Here also is a zip file of the 2 Draw source files for these. These will allow you to, for example, edit the key to fit your own needs:

As before, if these are of use, I’d be grateful for a comment to let me know. Enjoy.