Wheel Of Time author dies.

I was just pootling around on the web, as you do - you know, following random links and ending up in random places - when I discovered that Robert Jordan died last weekend.

For a few years now I’ve been reading and re-reading his Wheel Of Time series of novels. They’ve caught a lot of criticism for losing focus a little, but I’ve mostly enjoyed them.

Jordan had been ill for a year and a half or so, and was quite frank on his blog about the illness. Unfortunately it beat him.

It’s a shame that he died just as he was working on the last book (volume twelve) of his epic series, having put so many years into it. I hope he left enough in the way of notes that the right individual could at least draw the series to something like its intended close, both to honour the work he put into it, and to provide closure for all the folks like me who want to know how it ends…