9th November 2007.

Today is iPhone day.

The InterWeb is going nuts over this thing. And I’m sorry to say I can see why.

At this point I don’t know if I’ll get one or not. But I’ve just had my birthday, and a celebratory opening for self-indulgence, so maybe. Maybe.

Of course, I’ll tell all here, because it’s the sort of thing that amuses me. To my shame.

It’s mighty expensive (not the hardware, it’s iPod priced — which means pricey, but at a level we’ve become desensitized to — rather the contract costs to the mobile network), but oh so cool. And actually, no more expensive than I’ve ended up spending on phone for the last few years, as work requires it. But just that little bit less for the money.

It’s a sad case of gadget lust. And I’m torn. So very, very torn. And I bare my weakness for the world to see.


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