Interesting (or not) things I have discovered today.

  • Some time in the last month or so, Google Maps has had its satellite imagery of at least some of Belfast updated. Used to be if you looked up close at my parents' house, it had their old car (now my brother's and his fiancee's) in the driveway. The green Mazda has mysteriously disappeared from the image.
  • Andy McKee on YouTube. I believe he's performing at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast even as I type this. I heard him on Radio Ulster this afternoon, but bizarrely my stumbling across his videos was entirely independent of that.
  • The iPhone is way cool. Yes, I bought one. Yes, I probably am a mug. But no, probably not as much of a mug as you think.
  • Related to that, the customer services people at T-Mobile in the UK are exceedingly pleasant to deal with, even when you're leaving them. Chatty, but not annoyingly so, good-humoured, efficient. In the eighteen months I was using their service, every interaction I had with them was great. Everything the actual effectiveness of their network wasn't :-/
  • I find it hard to work productively with such a seductively new toy hanging off a USB cable beside me.

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