"Good thinking..."

Yesterday evening was Get Smart, the Hollywood update of a TV show I loved when I was younger. If you’re not familiar with it (turns out not everyone is!) Get Smart is to The Man From UNCLE and Mission: Impossible what Police Squad and Naked Gun are to the likes of Dragnet. Any wiser? Good.

I hoped this would be a cracker, and it was. Plenty of proper laugh-inducing humour and all the riffs on the series necessary to keep someone like me happy. Steve Carrell does a great job updating Maxwell Smart, and Anne Hathaway makes for a supremely confident Agent 99.

The comedy ticks all the boxes: bad visual puns, some in-jokes and catchphrases, a little bit of politics, slapstick… Not what you’d call particularly intellectual, but fun.

If you remember the series you’ll enjoy the film; if you don’t, you probably still will.