Irregular Linkdump, #9

  • A blog I stumbled across on Church Audio & Sound. If you're ever caught driving the desk, you should definitely subscribe.
  • I wanted to post the video Vincent Laforet shot with the new Canon EOS 5D Mk II still camera, but I can't. Keep an eye on that page in case it comes back. The video wasn't the most artistically astounding ever shot, but it showed just what the camera is capable of. (By the by, how can Canon not be able to afford the bandwidth?)
  • Film is not dead! Kodak announces a new colour neg film. Looks like they're shooting for C-41 Velvia. I doubt I'll find a use for the new Ektar, but I'll shoot a couple of rolls for fun — and it gladdens the heart to hear it's coming.
  • Russell Howard mocks the papers. Very nice.
  • Visible light networking. Sounds weird. If it runs without visible flicker it might be pretty cool. Ubiquity, here we come!
  • The financial crisis explained using a child's card game. Makes sense, actually. (Via Kottke.)
  • John Gruber publishes his thoughts on the iPhone 3G. While the 3G is an excellent phone, it seems I'm not alone in preferring the design of the first one.

Right. I’ll go now and finish eating my lunch.