I was a grammar nerd before Lynne Truss made it (somewhat) socially acceptable.

Several months ago, I cooked up a slightly silly, mostly-but-not-wholly tongue-in-cheek project. I wrote the copy and put together the basic layout, but never quite got it finished.

Last night I decided to revisit the text, which was awful, and finish off the layout. The main sticking point had been the type, but @irishstu’s, which I linked the other day, inspired a go with Palatino. It’s just right, I think. Of course, use of Palatino means that if you’re browsing on a Windows or Linux computer you have almost no chance of seeing the site the way I do. You could view a bit of screengrab, though.

What is it, then? A public service, The Oxford Comma ⋅ PunctuateAware.

Remember: everything in moderation, including punctuation.