Jaffe Fountain.

(PAW2009 06/52)

I don’t photograph in colour, much. That’s one of the reasons for my continuing use of film: while digital is great for colour, I’ve still to be convinced by it for black and white work. Which is not to say I never do digital black and white or colour film — pixels from a sensor may be more convenient, but remember what Paul Simon sang? “Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away.” Or my Astia, please.

Not only is this image in colour, but I’ve processed it to be a bit bolder and more saturated than I normally would. I generally don’t like the effect, but maybe it suits the subject. I’m not really sure. A side-effect of rarely working in colour is that my judgement is probably a bit off; more practice is needed.

The subject is the Jaffe Fountain at Victoria Square in Belfast; Alan has all the details (as he often does in these parts).

This is the last shot I have to post from my dander around the other week, but it’s my plan to go back armed with something more than the pocket camera I was carrying that day.