(PAW2009 10/52)

What’s the biggest city in the world?

Two trips to the banks of the Liffey last week. The first was for an exam my wife was sitting (no results yet, but it won’t be long) and the second was for an intensive day at FOWA Dublin 2009. Maybe more on the second one later.

I’ve never been to Dublin much. I’ve shifted between train stations a couple of times on my way further south; the occasional day trip; a couple of times accompanying my better half on her way to exams. It’s a city that needs to be explored some more.

Of course, the current state of sterling against the euro doesn’t help. €2.30 for a Coke at Liberty Hall on Friday was even less fun after the exchange rate. At least I managed to get my train ticket for £12.50.

Dublin. Because it keeps on doublin’ and doublin’ and doublin’. Yup.