Irregular Linkdump, #16

Diversity is a strength, apparently, so how’s this?

  • There was a fire at the old courthouse on the Crumlin Road, yesterday. Zcott grabbed the photo of the day.
  • The Guardian has opened up its data. Boy, do I have ideas for this.
  • At FOWA Dublin last week, I spotted the guy beside me making notes with FreeMind. Davy Mac then pointed me towards XMind, which looks more powerful but maybe a little more involved to use. I will try them out and return anon with a comparison.
  • The question came up of when the clocks go forward, so Google turned us up a handy list of holidays and so on.
  • Is typing knackering your handwriting? For a guy who spends so much time with a pen in his hand, my scratchings are atrocious.
  • I've been seeing this in all kinds of places, and if I had somewhere to hang posters, I'd see it there, too: Keep Calm and Carry On.
  • Insight from a young man with Asperger Syndrome. Read it.
  • And finally, a little something I made last week while I was sitting in a Dublin hotel room watching my wife study: all about me.