Irregular Linkdump, #17

The spice of life, and all that.

  • Alan in Belfast has pointed out that the Moderator-Elect of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Stafford Carson, is blogging. A fellow who has managed to attract some controversy over the last couple of years, if he allows it to get a little personal then it should be interesting.
  • Via Phil O'Kane's Twitter feed, how to spot an ATM card skimmer.
  • Thoughtful writing, as ever, from Rands. Although it's not actually about bridges, the tale of bridges is powerful.
  • It's lengthy, but Clay Shirky's Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable is both frightening and exciting.
  • I'm not following it tightly, but I am keeping half an eye on Nick Page's Longest Week Timetable. (Via Maggi Dawn.)
  • There's lots of interesting things going on in Ireland around mobile, often iPhone, development. I'm planning to be at the Belfast Dev Day. I've been coding various things since before I was a teenager, but developing for the iPhone is the first time I've been grinning with mad excitement since I made coloured blobs float around the screen of my old Amiga 1200.
  • I remember standing in the back of a school concert while I was in Sixth Form, listening to a suspect cello solo. A friend described it as "a brilliant study in microtonality". He still talks like that. The memory was returned to me when I read Mig's post On Microtonaility.... (Incidentally, Mig's was one of the first blogs I discovered and got hooked into that was written by someone I didn't know in real life. He's brilliant.)
  • And finally, Javagate. Full disclosure: I'm sitting in our kitchen, surrounded by the smell of Andrew's Old World Blend, and he's a good guy. Independently of knowing him, I fear for Lisburn's Farmers' Market — we went along on Saturday, and you can do a turn round every stall, buying from most of them, in under ten minutes. That's surely not enough to sustain interest in it.

It’s been an eventful few weeks in the House of Marramgrass, with even more eventful to come. Posting here will probably remain intermittent for a while, so trawl through the above to keep you going.