Tuesday Tunes: Alright

Last week, in a roundabout way, Jonny reminded me of a little EP called Bathroom Floor.

Before he made his name as Duke Special, Ulster lad Pete Wilson performed under a few different names, one of which was Booley. This record is of that era, a bit of rocky pop between his earlier electronic- and synth-heavy tunes and the present music hall style.

“Alright” is the anthem, the track that stands out for me. With a teenager’s yet-innocent (but not altogether naive) ranting against all the Northern Ireland rhetoric of the late 90s, I find there’s something stirring about it.

Even ten years ago, Wilson could write a song. The other really stand out tune on Bathroom Floor is “God On Your Side”, which is even more topical now than then. It’s chilling.

The EP had its track list rejigged and added to, and was re-released as a full album. Unfortunately, I can’t find either to stream anywhere online.

(While I’m here, anyone remember DBA?)