Spot the proprietor.

Spot the proprietor.

(PAW2009 27/52)

Saturday was the much talked-about, occasionally maligned and, by all accounts, rather up-and-down monthly farmers’ market in Lisburn. It was packed out, much more so then the last time we were there. (Apparently it was all but empty last month. Sited in a park a little bit removed from the rest of the shopping in Lisburn, it will always be quite sensitive to the weather.)

We stopped in to say hi to our friends at Bean and Gone. The market was that busy that, by the middle of the day, the espresso I had used some of the last of the coffee they had with them, and before we left it was completely sold out. That can only be a good sign.

The council has committed to running the market until next Spring, on the first Saturday of every month. It only works when the traders make money, and there’s good food and various other things to go with the good coffee. If you’re passing Castle Gardens on the right afternoon, stick your head in and have a look.