Irregular Linkdump, #21

It’s a while since I last did one of these, so the links have built up a bit. They’re quite an eclectic lot, too. Here goes:

  • Science and Religion are Not Compatible. I disagree completely with the main point of this piece (the one hinted at in its title), but it's well-written and worth reading. It also makes a pleasant change to read a contribution in the tiring [atheist|naturalist] v. [theist|religious] debate that is written in a reasonable, sensible, even friendly tone, rather than, “You're stupid!” “You're damned!” — and that goes for both ‘sides’.
  • Learn to Fly is a silly wee Flash game. Play it once, have a laugh, move on. Via Jason Kottke.
  • I've made it to the cinema twice since Reuben was born. Once to see Star Trek, which was tremendous, and once to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen which was... not tremendous. This FAQ on Topless Robot identifies everything I thought was wrong with the film. The original review is also an entertaining read. (They both contain some pretty salty language, if that bothers you.)
  • Everyone was linking this last month: 78 Photography Rules For Complete Idiots.
  • Since I posted a couple of weeks ago on Mercurial, here's a bit more: Five Features From Mercurial That Would Make git Suck Less.
  • After yesterday's rant about the pig-death-'flu, there are still some things need thought about: The Pandemic & the Eucharist.
  • I've had a couple of interesting conversations recently about the impact of social media (I had to stop myself putting scare-quotes around that horrid phrase) on and for worshipping communities. Andrew Jones has a thoughtful and interesting post entitled The Virtual Church: Keeping It Real.
  • Mark Jaquith educates on Words you probably pronounce incorrectly. Interesting. In the UK, a gyro is something different. I have always said ‘zoo’ in ‘zoology’, but am frequently annoyed (pedantically) by mispronounciation of ‘bruschetta’, ‘espresso’ and ‘et cetera’.
  • Dan Benjamin explains Why isn't that Buddha statue fat?

Okay. Back to it.