Tuesday Tunes: Resplendent

If you try and pick a standout track from the Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love canon, you’re spoiled for choice. Country-ish rock with a conscience and a heart of protest, there’s a lot of powerful song. “Resplendent” is probably my favourite of the lot. I won’t bother trying to offer commentary; have a listen and I’ll let the song do its own talking.

Bill Mallonee, though. There’s a man who can write. He can perform, too. My introduction to him, and VoL, was at an acoustic gig in a church hall in Edinburgh. It was smallish room, with plastic stacking bucket chairs around folding tables, cabaret style. The venue tended to attract a slightly older than average gig-going crowd, and they seemed to know him well. I’ll say this: he tore the place up.

Ages ago, Jonny linked this article on where Bill Mallonee has ended up. There’s something slightly sad, and humbling, about it.

“Resplendent” [YouTube]

“Resplendent” [Spotify]