Irregular Linkdump, #23

The pile of interesting things I find online continues to grow.

  • Some advice on how to fry an egg. That's advice I need, desperately.
  • A video explaining how a diff (the automotive kind) works. A brilliantly clear demonstration of something I have never previously been able to get my head around.
  • In my recent run down of software I rely on, I really should have included Instapaper. It's a simple little application for those times when you stumble across something online that you want to read, but you just don't have the time. Especially useful is the way it can slurp text down to my phone for later offline reading.
  • My dad's training firm has a bright'n'shiny new website: Goody Training Solutions.
  • One of my favourite SF novels is John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids. io9 flagged up an interesting essay that uses it to demonstrate a possible difference between the outlook of British and American science fiction.
  • A little bit of Brian Houston, playing his first widely-heard track — but not the way he played it then.
  • Further to my previous mention of Spotify, it's now out for the iPhone.

‘Til next time…